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When I was growing up and hanging out with my father, a promise and

a hand-shake was all he needed. Contracts were largely foreign and unnecessary

for my dad. In fact, to insist on one would have been an insult to him. Why?

Because my dad’s word was his bond. He treasured it. It was of high value to him.

He was not willing to risk his community influence or relational equity by

breaking his word. If there was a picture that could be displayed of someone

who valued keeping their word – it would be a picture of my dad!


Simply put, to this very day his word is sacred to him. I don’t think it is

claiming too much to say that this quality is the foundation of our

society generations ago. Without keeping our word, our society begins

to fall apart.

My, how times have changed. In the not to distant past, I have experienced

two people blatantly dishonoring their own word. Both are leaders in the

community where I live. Sadly, both have lost respect they have enjoyed

among their peers and with those they are leading and influencing.  

It’s tragic – especially for them.

Keeping your word is the essence of integrity.  The word Integrity comes

from the root word integrated. When our private lives and our public lives

are one and the same (integrated) – we have integrity!

As Stephen Covey points out, “Honesty is making your words conform to reality.

Integrity is making reality conform to your words.” It is essential to leadership.

Without it, you cannot be an effective leader at home, in your personal life, or

professional life. It is vital!




1) Integrity is required for trustIf people can’t trust your word,

they won’t trust you.


2) Trust is necessary for influence: People choose those they

let influence them, and this is based largely on trust.


3) Influence is essential for impact: You won’t make the impact you want to

make, unless you can influence others and shift their behavior.

As a leader, keeping your word is sometimes difficult, expensive, and

inconvenient. But the cost of not doing so is much more expensive. The truth is,

it will ultimately cost you your leadership and influence with those you are leading.

I encourage you, as a leader value keeping your word. If you do, your influence

and impact on those your are leading will out live you.


As my father always told me – “Your word is your bond, so choose wisely, son”!





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